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  1. Dogis 11 months ago

    this my skype account add me miss please

  2. Magami 11 months ago

    Judging by the comments you would think this is some kind of movie game.

  3. Karg 11 months ago

    Muchas Gracias Juliak, por agregarme , eres muy hermosa

  4. Shakajinn
    Shakajinn 11 months ago

    *no comment*

  5. Fer
    Fer 11 months ago

    Wow, old man, Old people having hookup is a niche market. The reason is because it's gross. If people like gross things then let them. What you seem to fail to understand is that old people become haggard, not an opinion, but fact. I'll be gross too one day. Still gross. And tilapia, are no finer than a mutt and so is your bich of a mom. Now then, that is why we don't throw insults at others, it hurts. And you are not going to cause social reform on a porno site.

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